11 - 16 FEB 2020 | Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore
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Singapore Airhsow 2020

Exhibitors' Media Releases

Media Release by TRD Consultancy Pte Ltd

Press Release – Latest Launched Most compact 6 Band Drone Defeat System in the market

TRD is proud to announce our latest innovation of its Anti-Drone Range of products in this year Singapore Airshow 2020.

We are launching for the first time our Orion-H+ the latest innovation from TRD, compact handheld 6-band frequency drone defeat system, which will be suitable for close protection for VVIP.

Also appearing for the first time, a newly developed drone defeat and detection systems which is able to be mounted on convoy vehicle. This will be the first in the world solution for vehicle on the move.

Taking centre stage, we will showcase the Orion-Integrated system that is equipped with multiple sensors such as Passive RF, Active Radar, Intelligent Camera and Smart Jamming Systems in addition with the DJI Aeroscope fixed site solutions. The DJI Aeroscope is also our latest collaboration to incorporate it into our Orion-I suite range of products.

The Orion-I system is capable of detect, classify, direction-find drones, tracking them and defeat at once. Our key strength is building the integrated system and combine all sensors information into one Command and Control System. Not only that, we are capable of providing modular or upgradable solution for fixed site and vehicular protection depending on your requirements.

In addition, we had incorporated a mil-grade UAV as part of our exhibits to promote to potential law enforcement agencies. This particular UAV has an unmatched endurance flight time compare to most commercial drones currently in the market. The state of the art UAV is already fully integrated into our Anti-Drone System.

Last but not least, we are proud to be certified ISO 9001:2015 for our Anti-Drone Stand-alone and integrated systems in 2019.

TRD continues to be innovative in its product and bring in more capabilities with strategic partners to make the CUAS a complete solutions. We had been humbled by the response from our customers in this region. Till date, TRD had already deployed our Anti-Drone system within the whole ASEAN.

Don’t miss the chance and visit us at Booth C18, see you soon at Singapore Airshow 2020.

Tuesday 11 Feb 2020

Booth: C18