11 - 16 FEB 2020 | Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore
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Singapore Airhsow 2020

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Media Release by Ramper Innovations Inc.

Ramper Innovations Introduces TISABAS for Loading and Unloading Narrow Bodied Aircraft at Singapore Airshow 2020

On-the-job injuries, speed of loading and unloading, damage claims and workman’s comp expense are among the most common and costly issues around loading and unloading aircraft. These problems also directly impact on-time departures, a critical measure of airline productivity.

TISABAS TM, the compact motorized folding conveyor system is being introduced internationally by Ramper Innovations, Inc., USA, at the Singapore Airshow 2020. The patented TISABAS system was specifically designed to address these issues, especially significant when loading and unloading the growing number of narrow-bodied aircraft. With airlines making sizable annual investments in technology to improve productivity and efficiency, most narrow-bodied aircraft bellies are still loaded manually, a costly and time-consuming process unchanged since commercial aviation began.

The TISABAS system mechanically moves baggage and cargo inside the belly, eliminating the need to throw heavy baggage, mail and freight the length of the aircraft. It substantially reduces time and operational costs while making ramp agent jobs safer, easier and more efficient. Air carriers, ground-handling contractors and freight operators using the system can decrease agent injuries and turnover, reduce damage to aircraft and baggage, and load more in less time while lowering agent turnover and reducing expense.

Different than other aircraft belly-loading equipment, TISABAS is portable, foldable, and easy to set up or quickly move out of the way. There is no impact to ramp agent staffing nor flight schedules. As it functions inside the belly rather than flying with the aircraft, it does not reduce cargo capacity or fuel efficiency. There is also no damage to the aircraft exterior nor delays in flight schedules caused by malfunction of external equipment. As performance reliability is crucial, TISABAS was developed and tested in some of the most rugged environments and weather conditions possible while handling a broad range of challenging freight-loading situations.

As bags and cargo are loaded faster and easier than conventional methods, agents using TISABAS can move more weight in less time. There is also less bumped cargo, customers spend less time waiting at the carousel and agents can be deployed to other needed duties. Most importantly, TISABAS provides a safer work environment for ramp crews, decreasing agent turnover due to physical strain and injury, and reducing the need to hire and train additional agents.

Price is also a key benefit. With the TISABAS’ purchase cost at one quarter to one third the price of other loading systems, it is affordable for fleets from small regional airlines to international carriers with hundreds of stations. The additional operational savings generated by faster loading times, less damage to baggage, fewer injury claims and other expense reductions, TISABAS provides a full payback of the equipment investment in 5 to 8 months in most operations.

For more information, stop by booth W68, contact Tim Fulton, CEO/Founder at +1.907.738.0740, tim@ramperinnovations.com, or see RamperInnovations.com.


About Ramper Innovations Inc.
Over the past two decades, Ramper Innovations has focused on creating solutions to the tough issues of loading and unloading aircraft. Its priority is increasing efficiency and safety while reducing cost.

Ramper’s products address the specific challenges of specialty cargo, such as fish boxes and bypass mail, and solving efficiency, safety and cost-related problems of loading baggage and other commodities into narrow-bodied aircraft.

Tim Fulton, CEO and Founder, is committed to improving under-the-wing operations. His background includes over 38 years as ramp agent for a major airline which gives him a unique insight into every aspect of loading aircraft, the challenges of the ground service environment, and new avenues to solve loading’s most difficult issues.

Photo Captions
Photo A: TISABAS unfolded in the belly of a narrow-bodied aircraft and ready for quickly loading cargo
Photo B: TISABAS loading cargo in the belly of a narrow-bodied aircraft increases efficiency and decreases injuries caused by lifting and twisting
Photo C: TISABAS is portable, foldable, and easy to set up or quickly move out of the way (folded dimensions: Length 24 in x Width 21 x H 32 in/Length 60.9 cm x Width 53.3 cm x Height 81.3 cm
Photo D: TISABAS unfolded dimensions: Length 20 ft x Width 2 ft x Height 3 in/Length 6.1 m x Width .61 m x Height 7.6 cm

Additional photos and videos upon request.

Media Contacts
Tim Fulton (attending Singapore Airshow)
‭+1.907‬.7380740‬; tim@ramperinnovations.com

Gayle Knepper (remote)
+1.907.351.8076; gayle@thestrategy.biz‬‬

Saturday 08 Feb 2020

Pavilion: cg, Booth: W68

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