11 - 16 FEB 2020 | Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore
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Singapore Airhsow 2020

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Media Release by Hydra-Lock Corporation

Hydra-Lock To Display Its Conform-A Chucks and Arbors At The 2020 Singapore Airshow In Booth #S74

February 11 - 14, Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore – Hydra-Lock features its patented Conform-A-Chuck® and Conform-A-Arbor® workholding solutions designed to adapt to an out-of-round OD or ID and securely grip that diameter to enable boring, honing, grinding, or other machining operations without changing the original free state shape of the part. This unique technology provides solutions for the unlimited combinations of machining found in today’s gear making applications.

The Conform-A products rely upon a unique plastic material called Hydra-Fibre®. This allows the chuck or arbor to easily contract / expand (up to .125” depending upon size) and adjust in order to hold thin-walled and out-of-round components without rounding. The Conform-A products are able to locate on a rough machined surface and establish an average center line. By locating on the entire surface, the chuck is able to support the weak component area and withstand tool pressure. Resulting accuracies of the operation are typically within +.001”.

Conform-A-Chucks and Conform-A-Arbors can be developed in any size to meet the application with either a direct pressure or a self-contained hydraulic system. Conform-A-Chucks can be designed to produce either bell-mouthed, straight or choke condition at the skirt end. Conform-A-Arbors feature retractable stops so that the end face of the part may be machined square and ID chamfered during the same cycle during which the OD is turned.

Established over 60 years ago and holding over 30 U.S. and foreign patents, Hydra-Lock Corporation is the originator of hydraulic holding. With ISO 9001:2015 registration, it is the only company to offer customers all three classes of hydraulic arbors and chucks. For more information, please visit www.hydralock.com.

Picture Caption: Hydra-Lock Conform-A-Chuck® and Conform-A-Arbor® products hold aerospace components for the range of ID and OD applications.

Tuesday 11 Feb 2020

Pavilion: cg, Booth: S74

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